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    What We Do

    The Hawa Water Saving Tap includes a spring loaded valved push type lever which when pushed allows the flow of water through the tap, and when released the water flow ceases automatically. The push type lever in turn is operated/actuated by a spring and there is a damper inside which additionally prevents excessive flow of water through the device and therefore further helps in saving water. The entire invention is Patented due to its unique and innovative design.

    • Save up to 70% Water
    • Reduce your monthly
      water bills by 75%
    • Save water at just
      MRP Rs.350/- (US$5.00) per tap

    Different Models & Colors Available

    Black tap Silver tap

    How to Use

    These taps are designed to automatically save water while using them. All you need to do is press the spring-loaded push lever which hangs from the tap for the water to start flowing. The taps stop flow of water automatically when the push lever is released and you have finished using the tap. Water cannot reach the drain unless it touches the person using it. Simple!!!



    All the materials used in the Hawa Tap are CERTIFIED SAFE by the world renowned certifying body SGS and the report mentions that the materials used for making the tap have PASSED testing for “Determination of Overall Migration of Constituents of Plastic Materials and Articles Intended to come in contact with Food Stuffs” and also “Specific Migration of Heavy Metals”, “Specific Migration of BIS-(2-ETHYLHEXL) PHTHALATE (DEHP) and “Visible Colour Migration”.

    These taps are suitable for use in hot and cold water. Hot water will not damage the tap or the internals of the tap in any way. The minimum and maximum operating temperature of the taps is -20 to 80 deg C (-4 to 176 deg F). The British/United Kingdom government’s Department for Communities and Local Governments in their Approved Document G published in March 2016 mentions clearly “all new homes (including those created by a shange of use) have the temperature of the hot water supplied to a bath limited to no more than 48 deg C”. So, the Hawa Tap safely exceeds this universal recommendation for hot water use!

    Not at all. These taps are built to withstand extremely high pressures, and also have an internally designed STOP system which will automatically seal the taps in case the water pressure exceeds the normally used and recommended 0.1 to 4 Bar (2 psig to 58 psig) for domestic water system. This is done to stop wastage of water due to unnecessarily high water pressure. So if your Hawa Tap seizes up and does not allow water to flow out even if you operate the lever, it means that the supply pressure is too high and you must additional install a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) in your intake supply pipe BEFORE the Hawa Tap. This system is designed to not only prevent wastage of water and also to EXTEND the service life of your domestic supply piping because very high water pressure in your water piping is akin to High Blood Pressure in the human body and can lead to many problems later on, such as leakage of joints, lower life of installed appliances such as water heaters, washing machines, water purifiers, dishwashers, shower heads and any other installed on the same system. The Hawa Tap will save water AND additionally keep your water piping safe for a longer usage life! Wonderful isn’t it?

    The present design is “Wall Mounted”. A new “Washbasin Mounted” design is under advanced development and life testing presently in our Research & Development Center. This new model shall be suitable for use in homes on top of existing washbasins. This new model will be aesthetically pleasing and shall further promote saving of water in homes and washrooms all over the world. The graphics of this design are shown hereunder:

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