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    The problem of water wastage is generally well-known across the globe. This problem is particularly relevant in areas which may suffer from drought conditions, but likewise is applicable to any situation where water is supplied on a metered or paid basis. Typically, there is a large amount of water wastage from users leaving taps running for longer than is necessary. For example, users may leave a tap running while they are carrying out other tasks near to the sink. There is also the risk of a user accidently leaving a tap open when they leave the sink and thereby wasting large amounts of water.

    Various devices to reduce the waste of water have been developed. Typically, these include an electronic sensor which detects the presence of a person’s hands beneath the tap. Once the electronic sensor detects the person’s hands, a flow of water is then initiated. Once the user’s hands are removed, the sensor detects accordingly and the flow of water is stopped.

    However, these solutions require expensive electronic components and an electrical connection. This means that replacement of the battery and sensors and maintenance thereof will become necessary in due course. Furthermore, in many drought situations where metering of water is necessary, there is not an electrical connection available. This may be particularly true in natural disaster situations where electricity may be limited or not available and water may also be in short supply.

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